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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 8. Which discusses the Kingdom of Casamansa and its features. [translated text],   pp. 66-74 and 75

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1. *     Te cntranr.,e to thle Casal~nsa ' ivrer livs to the ' aL.d;frd of
Roxo. 1i'rol the eatrance the Jab'iulos extenr up-stera  aln  the North
side, and the Baxirnlws of Ezi2jiichor along the 'Suth side, as already
stated, and. they a11 uuderstand eaclh other.  The 1i3-gidor± of Casa.eaisa
is lar'ge, since it staiids like a wall through the hinterland around
the coastal :jxni'ms and Falupos. It used to have zlel-uasuld I gs, .
especially one called I'Lassatamba, who ate at a raised table wit.  a
cloth cn it, sittin,; in a high chair, his food being cooked and p~repared
in our style.  The people of this nation of asanEas go about dressed
like the Jalofos and Ilandingas. And they are surrounded on the inland
side by the Mandingas,
2.       Cloths are available in this land of tLe Casanlgas too. The
Casangas employ horses, but only a few, since any they possess have
been brought froig the Island of 'Sape Verde or from the lands of the
Jalofos or YanWdingas. Hen from these lands regularly visit the court
of the Casanga king, especially the devotees called by these people
bixiriiss, who tell a thousaiiu lies to the blacks and make them believe
a multitude of ('alse things.  A bjixrin called Alemane, who was head of
the three (religious) establishiments on the Gan'bia Uiver, once came there.
He spoke many times with the kin,, and when the kling wished to kno,
about the movenents of his enemly, a king called Banbara who lived on
the banlk of the Casamansa River, this caciz took a boy who belonged
to another nation nmany lea    fres fom there and with he had no
common lari~axage. He wrote on the boy's head certain letters, and he
had a basin of' water placed in front of thle boy in which lhe was to look.
After the boy had seen in the water the lettcrs (..ritten) on his head,
althow,-ji he previously iyas usable to spea.7 Zhe lanuuage of the c £
the two spoke to eachl other and understood eaXch other.  Wnd when he
was as!:  a.bout rnny things which were taking place in a
dis-.iet vory far Btaway from there, the boy an.2wered correctly.  zI t


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