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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 3. Which discusses the Kingdom of Ale Embiçane (of the) Barbacins, which is next to the Jalofos, and its customs, which are like those (of the Jalofos). [translated text],   pp. 27-29

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ChaDter 3
Which discusses the Kingdom of Ale a)nbicauie (of the) Barbacins. which
lia next to the-Jalofos * and-its customs, which are like those (of' the
1.    on the coast of the Jalofos Uies a tribes of blacks called BarbaciuJs
and they are pagans, none of then belonging to the Hoorish sect. They
are groat warriors, excelling on horse-bacc and on foot. Their kingdom
Is surrounded on the interior side by the Jalofos, but they are so
var-like that they often do battle with the Jalofos and gain the victory.
2.       The Kingdom ofthe Barbacins is divided Into two states, one called
the Kingdom of Ale, which we are about to discuss. This lies on the
sea-coast, touching the Kiigdom of Budumel on the North, and stretching
along the coast to the port of Joala. Joala is where the adventurers
live today, in a village inhabited by blacks. Our people also live thu-e*
r the protection and care of the governor placed there by the king.
The district is healthy,0 beantiful and safe, and plentiful provisiao   frb*
the region around are available. Alongside the village runs a branch of a
saw     river which goes round the back of the village, and in this stream
the adventurers at times shelter the launches which they use for trading,
out of fear of our gafliots when these pass that vay, or of (the ships of)
the inhabitant of Santiago Island. When tides are high, vessels of up
to 60 tons laden weight.can enter the river.
3.       From here the coast goes South to the mouth of a river called the
River of the Barbacins, and this penetrates inland some 25 or 30 leagues,
forming several branches in the interior.
4.       To the North of this river lies the :LirGdom of the king mentioned.
It is a littlo kingdom, with limited territory, but is so war-like that
it is renowned among the neighbouring kingdoms. The reason for this is
not only that the king is a very good and brave general, but also that the



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