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Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley); Barbot, Jean, 1655-1712 / Barbot's West African vocabularies of c. 1680

Notes to items 211-256,   pp. 39-40

Page 39

211.2 The correct term is xmq.
211.3 The second term is the neutral class form.
214.2 This- term is -obsolete, the modern te-rm being- igeer 'reine-mere,
mere ou soeur d 'un souverain'.
218.5 The correct term for 'snake is adb, but the terms given allude to the
royal python, Dang-be, the-national deity of
221.2 The general term is moroa and the specific term is little used.
221.5 Perhaps eque is a miscopying of egu6.
223.2  But 'des chaussures' is ay dall.
223.4 From Portuguese sapato.
223.5 A miscopying ?
224.4 A copying error for adkhouia ?
226.2 The modern term is suakar, from the French.
226.4 From Portuguese sucre.
228.2  Not song 'attaquer'.   The correct terms are toog  s'asseoir, etre
assis' and jekki 's asseoir, se tenir tranquille.
228.5 The correct term is jInjmn.
229.3  Perhaps a variant in another dialect, nyamnyam k
231.3 One modern source records 'exchange'.
231.4  Barbot's orthographic change in the 1688 vocabulary from ou' to -w
, in this item only, may reflect his growing
use of English.
232.5 The correct term is s"sX. The term given resembles that given
for 'il fait froid' (no.116).
234.2  SCV had endism.
234.3 A form oMcu 'cloth in general' is unrecorded but conceivable.
234.4 This term appeared in many earlier sources with the meaning of 'white
cloth or linen', see Jones 1983, p.302.
238.1 The curious English glass requires explanation. 'Taster' is an obsolete
term for a small glass used in
wine-tasting. In the Swi column in the 1688 version, Barbot inserted against
'une tasse', for no obvious reason,
the additional gloss 'de cocos', i.e. a cup of coconut milk.
238.2 Barbot gives the French word, the modern term being kaas, also perhaps
from the French.
239.2 Little used, the modern term being p66m.
239.4 From Portuguese tabaco.
240.2 The modern term is taabal, fran French.
240.3  The term gangu grosse tete mal formee (ironique)' (Gaden 1914) might
just be a mocking nano for a European table?
242.5 Perhaps zou' and 'sou' (next item) are miscopyings for zon/son.
243.3 That is, as 242.3.
244.4 Copied wrongly in 1688.
247.5 This term is in Forbes 1851 but is not now recognised.
248.3 Miscopying of handou ?
249.2  The correct term is biifi, from Portuguese vinho.


NOTES TO rZENS 211-156


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