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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

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A Short and Simple Account of the Country
Guinea and Its Nature, Erik Tilleman's En
Kort og Enfoldig Beretning am dot
Landskab Guinea og dots Beskaffenhed
(1697), translated and edited by S. A.
Winsnes, 1994 822
The Founding of the Castelo de Slo Jorge
da Mina. An Analysis of the Sources,
P.E.H.. Hair, 1994 $30
A Guide to Original Sources for Precolonial
Western Africa Published in European
Languages, second edition, J.D. Fage,
1994 $30
Seeds in the Palm of My Hand, Edward
Kanu Uku, 1993 $30
A Witch in My Heart, Short Stories, and
Poems, Hilda Kuper, 1993 $25
Pioneer, Patriot and Patriarch: Samuel
Johnson and the Yaruba People, edited by
Toyin Falola $27
Labarin Baba [Hausa version of Baba of
Kano], Mary Smith, 1993 820
Further Correspondence of the Royal
African Company of England Relating to the
'Slave Coast,' 1681-1699, edited by
Robin Law, 1992 $15
Letters from Nigeria, 1899-1900, by David
Wynford Carnegie, edited by Ann O'Hear,
1992 $25
Warfare and Diplomacy in Precolonial
Nigeria, edited by Toyin Falola, 1992
Yoruba Historiography, edited by Toyin
Falola, 1991 $24
Trade on the Guinea Coast, 1657-1666: the
Correspondence of the English East India
Company,     edited   by   Margaret
Makepeace, 1991 $26
Democratization and Structural Adjustment
in Africa in the 1990s, edited by Lual
Deng, M. Kostner, and M. Crawford
Young, 1991 $15
Decade of Discontent: an Index to Fighting
Talk, 1954-1963, Dorothy Woodson,
1991 525

West African Economic and Social History,
edited by David Henige and T.C.
McCaskie, 1990 $26
Correspondence between Cabo Corso Castle
and Whydah/Little Popo, edited by Robin
Law, 1990 $15
The ShafCi Ulama of East Africa, c. 1830-
1970: Hagiographic Account, Abdallah
Salih Farsy, edited by Randall Pouwels,
1989 $25
East of Mina: Afro-European Relations on
the Gold Coast in the 1550s and 1560s,
edited by P.E.H. Hair, 1988 522
An Index to Drum: Africa's Leading
Magazine,     1951-1965, Dorothy
Woodson, 1988 $30
Raw, Medium, and Well Done: a Critical
Review of Editorial and Quasi-Editorial Work
on Pro-European Sources for Sub-Saharan
Africa, 1960-1986, Adam Jones, 1987
A Bibliography of the Kalenjin Peoples of
East Africa, R. Daniels et al, 1987 $15
*Kongo Language Course: Maloongi
Makikoongo, Hazel Carter and Joao
Makoondekwa, 1987 $25
*Shona Language, Hazel Carter and G.P.
Kahari, revised edition, 1986 $19
A First Course in Kikuyu, vols. 1, 11, and 111,
Patrick Bennett et al. each vol. $21
Hausa Lexical Expansion Since 1930:
Bargery Supplement, Neil Skinner, 1985
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