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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

Sources after 1865,   pp. [172]-173 ff.

Page [172]

S O IJ          l R C   ED S       A. F' TIF      E           1 86 I    
NOTE. While no systematic attempt has been made to search out entries after
1865, it is thought
that it would be useful if the following were incorporated in the Guide.
1867-68                                                               JEEKEL,
Lt C. A.
Onze bezittingen op de kuste van Guinea, Amsterdam,1869.
Jeekel was a naval officer; his account was first published in Onze TiId.
1868                                                      ANDERSON, Benjamin
        J. K.
Narrative of a journey to Musardu, the capital of the western Mandingoes,
New York, 1870.
This has an appendix (published separately and distributed mainly through
the Smithsonian Institution
in Washington D.C.) which reproduces in facsimile an Arabic letter from the
King of Musardu together
with a translation by 1850 BLYDEN.
A facsimile edition (London, 1971) of the above book also includes:
Narrative of the expedition despatched to Musahdu by the Liberian
government... in 1874, ed. Frederick STARR, Monrovia, 1912.
Anderson was a Liberian, and his mission was sponsored by 1850 BLYDEN,
(1868                                         SIBTHORPE, Aaron        Belisarius
(1) The history of Sierra Leone, London, 1868, and later eds.
(2) The geography of Sierra Leone, London, 1868, and later eds.
Sibthorpe, a Sierra Leonian, became a schoolteacher in 1865. Christopher
FYFE, while praising the
first editions of these two works, comments that the later editions became
'increasingly personal' (A
History of Sierra Leone (Oxford, 1962), pp.381-2). R.W.JULY has produced
a modern edition of the 3rd
ed. of the History (London&New York, 1970). See FYFE, 'A.B.C.Sibthorpe:
a tribute', HA, 19 (1992).
1869-73                                                         BONNAT, Marie-Joseph
Jules GROS, Voyages, aventures et captivitd de J. Bonnat chez les Achantis,
Paris, 1884.
Bonnat, a Frenchman, the trading manager of the Basel Mission post at Ho,
was taken prisoner by the
same Asante army that captured 1869 RAMSEYER & KUEHNE. Bonnat died in
1881, but Gros had use
of his substantial diaries (which are now being prepared for publication
in the Centre des Etudes d'Outre-
Mer in Paris). Bonnat later returned to Asante as a promoter of trading and
gold-mining activities.


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