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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

1851-1865,   pp. [156]-171

Page [156]

1851 - 1865

c.1851-53                                               BARBER, Mary Ann
Oshielle. or village life in the Yoruba country, from the journals and letters
of a catechist there..., London, 1857.
The author secured her material via the missionaries 1836 TOWNSEND and 1841
wrote many other missionary and evangelical works, some of them tales for
children. Cf. 1853 TUCKER.
1851                                      BOUET, Auguste, Lieut.        
de   Vaisseaui
(1) 'Le royaumne de Dahorney: relation du voyage de M. le Lieutenant de Vaisseau
Auguste Bouet._.', L'Illustration, Nos. 490-92. juillet, 1852.
(2) Jean-Claude NARDIN, 'La reprise des relations franco-daborneennes au
siecle: la Mission d'Auguste Bouet.. .', CEA, 7 (1967) 59-126.
In May 1851, Auguste Bouet, the brother of 1838 BOUET-WILLAUMEZ, was sent
to Abomey by the
French government to improve its relations with Ghezo. His articles in LVIlustration
were aimed at a
popular audience, but NARDIN has printed his official report, together with
the treaty that Bouea
concluded with Ghezo an agreement regulating the R6gis factory at Whydah.
(1851)                                     CASTELNAU, Francis de        
 Ia Porte de
Renseignernents sur I 'Afrique centrale et sur une nation d'hoannes a queue
s y trouveraient. d'apres les rapports des Negres du Sudan, eselaves a
Bahia. Paris, 1851.
Castelnau, who had done major work as a naturalist in South America, was
subsequently French consul at
(1851)                                                      ELLIOTT, John
The Lady Huntingdon's Connexion in Sierra Leone, London, 1851.
Elliott was the son of a Nova Scotian, a notable Huntingdonian, and the father-in-law
of 1859 HORTON.
Papers relating to the British attack on Lagos in 1851 were printed by the
U.K.Parliamnent as Parl.Pap. 1852 liv 1455.               facs. TUP, Slave
Trade, 90.


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