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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

1801-1826,   pp. [105]-126

Page [105]

1801 - 1826

1801- 02                                                            LABARTHE,
¾lmrnoire pour servir de rdponse A celui du Colonel Laserre. ex-ColTnandant
Chef du Senegal, contenant quieques details stir la situation intericure,
Paris, 1805.
Laserre. the Governor of Senegal in 1801-02, tried to create a monopoly of
the Senegal river gum
trade, but he was seized by a group of St. Louis merchants and removed to
Goree. For a note on the author
of this M'moire, see 1784 LABARTHE. See also 1801 LADURANTIE and 1801 LASERRE.
from all three documents are printed in Ltonce JORE, Les ttablissernents
frangais sur la cote
occidentaie dAfrique de 1758 a 1809, Paris, 1965.
1801-02                         LADUJRANTIE & DURtCU. merchants     
      of Bordeaux
Reponse des SS Ladurantie et Durtcu. negocians de Bordeaux,             I
calornnieux public' sons Il nom de Mdmoire pour le Colonel Laserre. ex-
Comniandant du Senegal, Paris, 1805.
See also 1801 LABARTHE and 1801 LASERRE.
1801-02                                       LASERRE, Col. ILouis-Henri-Pierre
Mtrmoire pour le Colonel Laserre, ex-Coninandant au Senegal. deportt par
de I 'insurrection qui a eclate dans la Colonie pendant la nuit du 4 an 5
Thermidor an X. . ., Paris, 1805.
See also 1801 LABARTHE and 1801 LADURANTIE.
c.1801-18                                                      ROBERTSON,
George A.
Notes on Africa. particularly those parts which are situated between Cape
Verde and the River Congo.... London, 1819: 2nd ed. 1820.
Ger. trans. of Robinson's section on the Fanti. Ethnographisches Archiv.
(1820) 142-92.
1826 Walkenaer
Contemporaries regarded Robertson as a mine of information - mainly, but
not exclusively, about
commercial matters - on the coasts from Sierra Leone to the Congo on which
he had been trading since the
beginning of the century. 1820 DUPUIS appointed him acting consul to Asante
upon his own departure
from the Gold Coast. His book appears to be rather rare.
(1801   onwards)                                                        
From  1801 onwards, the United Kingdom Parliament printed a number of papers
dealing with the affairs of the Sierra Leone colony, some of which contain
first-hand evidence.                                                    
            [ con t.


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