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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

1726-1750,   pp. [69]-77

Page [69]

1726 - 1750

1726                                                    AGAJA, King of Dahomey
Letter to King George III of Great Britain and Ireland, in The Parliamentary
History of England..., Vol.XVIII (London, 1816) 82-91,
annotated ed. by Robin LAW, in M4, 17 (1990) 211-26.
Among many issues discussed by Law is the extent to which the letter was
composed - as well as put on
paper - by Bulfinch Lamb, who was held prisoner in Dahomey in 1724-26. See
1722 LAMB(E).
1726-27                                              SMITH, William, surveyor
(1) Thirty different drafts of Guinea, London, n.d. (c.1730).
(2) A new voyage to Guinea..., London, 1744; 2nd ed. 1745; facs. 1967.
Fr. trans. 1751.
1745 Ast Iey, 1746 Prdvost, 1826 Walckenaer
The second book was put together after Smith's death from his MS account
of his visit to West Africa
in 1726-27, to survey the Royal African Co.'s forts, and from published sources,
notably 1688 BOSMAN.
See articles in HA by H.M.FEINBERG, 6 (1979) 45-60, and Adam JONES, 7 (1980)
(1727)                                                                MISSIONALIA
Missionalia, or a collection of missionary pieces relating to the conversion
of the heathen, both the African Negroes and the American Indians,
London, 1727.
It is doubtful whether there is anything here which does not come from a
published source.
1727                                                          RINGARD, Le
Robin LAW, 'A neglected account of the Dahomian conquest of Whydah (1727):
"Relation de la guerre de Juda" of the Sieur Ringard of Nantes,
1H4, 15
(1988) 321-38.
This document of no more than four pages is the only known eyewitness account
of the Dahomian
conquest of Whydah.
1727-30   (but see note)                             SNELGRAVE, Capt. William
A new account of some parts of Guinea and the slave trade, containing...
the history of the late conquest of the Kingdom of Whidaw by the King of
Dahomt ..., London, 1734; 2nd ed. 1754.                      facs. 1971
Fr. trans. Amsterdam, 1735.                                             


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