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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

1701-1725,   pp. [62]-68

Page [62]

1701 - 1 725

c .1701-1800                                               CABD al-QADIR
H.R.PALMER, 'Western Sudan history; being the Raudthat'ul Afkari', JASoc,
15 (1915-16) 59.
Murray LAST (The Sokoto Caliphate, 1967, xxiv) says that the Raudat al-Afkar
is 'the most detailed
early source for cighteenth-century Gobir history', but he is very critical
of this translation by Palmer (who
ascribed the work to 1780 MUHAMMAD BELLO).
c. 1701-34                      JOB   ben   SOLOMON    (or AYUBA     SULIEMAN
Thomas BLUETT, Some memoirs of the life of Job, the son of Solomnon, the
Priest of Boonda in Africa...,London, 1734.
Job's story was also published in 1730 MOORE.
Modern annotated editionss in 1701 COLLECTION:CURTIN, pp. 17-59, and 1701
'Boonda' is Bundu. See also Douglas GRANT, The fortunate slave (London, 1969)
and Abdoulaye
BATHILY, 'Job ben Solomon' in C.AJULEEN (ed.), Les Africains (Paris, 1978),
Vol. 6, pp.191-227, for
modem accounts.
  GODOT, Jean
Jean-Claude NARDIN & Hermann SPIRIK, 'Un nouveau document pour 1'6tude
populations de la Cote d'Ivoire au d6but du XVIIIe sitcle; le voyage de
Jean Godot a Assinie (1701)', Proc. 8th Int. Cong. Anth. & Ethn. Sc.
(Tokyo, 1970), Vol.3, 78-81.
This gives a summary of a MS of over 500 pages, fr. 13380-81 in the Bib.
Nat. in Paris. Godot's
voyage, in which 1698 DAMON participated, was to restore 1685 ANNIABA to
Assini; Goree, the Grain
Coast and points on the Gold Coast were also visited briefly. The MS also
makes mention of another
voyage, in 1703, to the Congo and Angola.
1701-02                                                           LOYER,
Fr Godefroy
Relation du voyage au Royawne d'Issyny, Core d'Or..., Paris, 1714.
Eng. trans. 1745; Ger. trans. 1749.
Mdern ed. in Paul ROUSSIER, L'dtablissement d'Issiny..., Paris, 1935.
1826 Walckenaer
Loyer would seem to have borrowed substantially from 1682 LE MAIRE and 1666
articles by J. MENDES CASTRO & R. MAUNY, Notes Africaines, No.55 (1952)
and by Abdoulaye LY,
BIF7AN, B 15 (1953) 751-66.
1701                                                            NYENDAEL,
David        van

'A description of the Rio Formosa, or the River of Benin...',
Printed as Letter XXI in 1688 BOSMAN.


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