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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

[1682-1700],   pp. 53-61

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(2) Further correspondence of the Royal African Co... relating to       
 the  'Slave
Coast' 1681-1699, African Studies Program, Univ. of Wisonsin-Madison, 1992
The first collection is of documents from the Public Record Office; the second
of documents from Ms
Rawlinson C.745-747 in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Dr Law is now preparing
a full publication, in
book form, of the RAC material in Rawlinson; see HA 20 (1993) 173-84.
1680- 1700                                             COLLECTION: JONES,
Brandenburg sources for West African history. 1680-1700, Stuttgart, 1985.
This includes English translations of 1682 GROEBEN and 1692 OETTINGER.
1680s                                                FRANCISCO de SANTIAGO,
Ant6nio J. DIAS, 'Crengas e costumes dos indigenas da ilha de Bissau no s6culo
XVIII'. Portugal em Africa, 2e ser. 2 (1945) 159-65, 223-29.
This prints useful ethnographic material from the unpublished second volume
of Francisco de
Santiago's Cr6nica de Provincia Franciscana da Nossa Senhora da Soledade...
(the first volume of which
was published at Lisbon in 1695).
1681 - 82                                            CELESTIN de BRUXELLES,
'Documnenta ad historiam Missionis Guineae spectantia', Analecta Ordinis
Minorum Capuccinorum, 31. (1915) 327-30, 357-9.
Two letters from the chaplain of the French factory at Whydah, these are
printed in Latin and are not to be
found in 1342 COLLECTION: BRASIO.
1682 -83                                                  FRANCOIS de PARIS,
Guy THILMANS, 'Voyage a la coste d'Affrique dite de Guin~e et aux isles de
l'Anerique fait en anndes 1682 et 1683', BIFAN. B, 38 (1976). 1-51.
1682                                       GIROLAMO MEROLLA da SORRENTO,
Breve e succincta relatione del viaggio nel Regno de Congo... scritto e
ridotto al presente stile... dal P.A.Piccardo. Naples. 1692 (& 1726).
Eng. trans.: Voyage to Congo ... in 1682, in Awnshau' & John CHURCHILL.
A collection of voyages & travels, London. 1702. Vol.1, 651-756.
1745 Astley, 1746 Prevost, 1747 Schwabe. 1808 Pinkerton
Girolamo or his editor (or both) were cognisant of 1671 GIOVANNI ANTONIO
CAVAZZI. published
five years before their book.



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