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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

1626-1650,   pp. [37]-42

Page [37]

1626 - 1650

1626                                                       HERBERT, Sir Thomas,
A relation of some years travaile ... into Afrique and the greater Asia,
London, 1634 etc.
Dutch trans. 1658; Fr. trans. 1663.
1705 Harris, 1780 Moore
This work passed through a number of editions, with slight variations in
the title. A few pages at the
beginning describe the author's voyage down the western coast of Africa,
but he does not seem to have
gone ashore before the Cape of Good Hope.
1629-35                                                              TAVAREZ,
Fr Pero
Louis JADIN, Pero Tavarez, missionaire jdsuite; ses travaux apostoliques
Congo et en Angola, 1629-1635, Brussels & Rome, 1967.
Reprint from BIHBR, 38 (1967) 271-402; documents in Fr. trans., some of which
may be found in the
original in Ant6nio BRASIO, Monumenta Missionaria Africana, Ser. 1, Vol.8.
1630-35                                    COLLECTION: RUELA         POMBO,
Fr Manuel
Anais de Angola (1630-35)..., Lisbon, 1945.
1634-40                                                     COLOMBIN    
(1) Relation .., d'un voyage en Guinde..., Paris & Vannes, 1906.
reprinted in Ant6nio BRASIO, Monunenta Missionaria Africana..., Ser.l,
Vol.8, 278-88.
Columbin was a Capuchin missionary. His letter, dated 20 June 1634, was in
response to a request
for information from Fabri de Peiresc, a savant and collector of Aix-en-Provence.
During 1631-37,
Peiresc corresponded with a number of Capuchin missionaries; the correspondence
was published by Fr
APPOLINAIRE de VALENCE (Paris, 1892). Brisio prints some other letters from
it, and also other
letters of Fr Colombin, notably:
(2) Letter in Italian, dated 7 August 1637, to the Capuchin Superior;
(3) Letter in Latin, dated 26 December 1640, to the Prefect of Propaganda
1635                                                        ALEXIS    de
Relation du voyage au Cap Verd, Paris & Rouen, 1637.
1826 Walckenaer.
On this mission, see articles by PLINTINGRE in Afrique-Docurnents, No.97
(1968) 77-97, and by
G.THILMANS & N.I.MORAES in BIFAN, B, 36 (1974), especially pp.696-707.


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