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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

1601-1625,   pp. [29]-36

Page [29]

1601 - 1625

c.1601-11                                                        RUITERS,
Toortse der zee-vaert; verlicheende de      West-Indien,    Brasilien,  
Guinee    en
Angola, Flushing, 1623; Amsterdam, 1648
Modern ed. by S.P. I 'Honord NABER, Linsch.Ver. 6, The Hague, 1913.
Fr. trans. of Senegal section, annotated, by G.THILMANS & J.P.ROSSIE,
B, 31 (1969) 106-19.
Eng. trans. of C.Roxo - Sherbro section, annotated, by P.E.H.HAIR, ARB, 5,
(1974) & 3 (1975).
Ruiters was probably the D.R.' who contributed the Benin section to 1600
MAREES. He covers the
whole coast from Senegal to Angola, but not all his observations come from
personal experience; thus he
borrows some material from 1608 FIGUEIREDO.
(1603)                                                           ARTHUS,
Warhafftige historische Beschreibung des gewaltigen goltreichen Kdnigreichs
Guinea, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1603.
This is an indifferent German translation of extracts from 1600 MAREES, which
was published as
Part 6 of 1597 VOYAGES: BRY. Arthus was also responsible for the Latin version
of Marees that was
published by Bry.
(1603)                                                           OTTSEN,
Journacl ofte daghregister van de voyagie na Rio de Plata..., Amsterdam,
Ger trans., Frankfurt, 1604.
Nbdern ed. by J.W.IJZERMAN, Linsch.Ver.16, The Hague, 1918.
This includes an account of trading on the Gold Coast.
1603-04                          ULSHEIMER     (or ULTZHEIMER), Andreas 
Warhaffte Beschreibung ettlicher Reisen in Europa, Africa, Asien und America,
1596-1610, ed. Sabine WERG, Tubingen & Basel, 1971.
partial ed. by W.CRECELIUS, 'Josua Ulsheimers Reisen nach Guinea und
Beschreibung des Landes', Alemania, 7 (1879) 97-120.
Ger. text with Eng. trans., annotated, by Adam JONES, German sources for
African history, Wiesbaden, 1983.
Athough Sabine Werg made use of a photocopy of the original account dictated
by Ulsheimer in
1616, her edition is not wholly reliable. Crecelius used a copy made in 1622
which is not identical with
the 1616 MS. Jones's edition derives from a photocopy of the 1616 MS and
is very fully annotated.


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