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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

1551-1600,   pp. [14]-28

Page [14]

1551 - 1600

(1552)                                                               BARROS,
JoAo      de
Asia: dos feitos que os Portugezes fizeram no descubrimento e conquista dos
mares e terras do Oriente. Decada 1, Lisbon. 1552.
(Decade 11 was pub. in 1553, III in 1563, and TV in 1615: 1-ll were reprinted
in 1628. A later ed.
entitled Asia de J. de Barros: dos feitos... appeared in 8 vols at Lisbon
in 1777-78.)
Modern eds by A. BAIAO, Coimbra, 1932; by H. CIDADE. Lisbon. 1945-46.
Eng. trans. and ed. of passages relating to West Africa in G.R.CRONE. The
voyages of Cadamosto and other documents.... Hak.Soc., London, 1937 (see
1455 CA DA MOSTO) .
It. trans. of Decades I and II, Venice, 1562 (in VOYAGES:RAMUSIO, Vol.2).
Books I & 2 of the first Decade narrate the Portuguese discovery of the
western coast of Africa in the
15th century. Barros was a man of the following century (b.1486, d.1570).
but service at S. Jorge da
Mina and later in senior positions in the Casa da India e Mina placed him
in a good position to gain
access to original material of the previous century, much of which has not
survived in the original.
Excerpts are printed in 1342 COLLECTION: BRASIO.
1553                                                                 WINDIIAM,
'The voyage of M. Thomas Windham to Guinea and the kingdom of Benin. An.
first printed in 1555 VOYAGES:EDEN and then reprinted in Richard HAKLUYT,
The principal(l) navigations.... London, 1589, 2nd ed. 3 vols, London,
1598- 1600.
Annotated modern ed. by J.W.BLAKE. Europeans in West Africa.... Hak.Soc.,
ser. 86-7 (London, 1942) Vol.2, 314-20.
Windham's voyage to Benin appears in Vol.6 of the Maclehose ed. of Hakluyt
(Glasgow, 1903-05) and in
Vol.4 of the Everyrnan ed. (London. 1907).
(1554)                                                           RESENDE.
Garcia de
Livro que trata da vida do... Principe el Rey Doin Jojo II. Lisbon, 1554.
Resende was secretary to King John HI of Portugal (1487-95). Excerpts from
his chronicle are printed in
    LOK, John
'The second voyage to Guinea set out ... .in the yere 1554, the Captaine
was M. John Lok' , first printed in 1555VOYAGES:EDEN, and reprinted in
Richard HAKLUYT. The principal(l) navigations.... London, 1589; 2nd ed.
3 vols. 1598-1600.                                                      


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