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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

Sources prior to the sixteenth century,   pp. [1]-6

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c.800-c.1600             COLLECTION: HOPKINS,             J.F.P., & 
    LEVTZION, Nehernia
Corpus of early Arabic sources for West African history, Cambridge, 1981.
This collection contains what has survived of the Arabic accounts of the
western and central Sudan
that were written in North Africa and the Levant from the earliest times,
the ninth Christian century, to the
sixteenth century. Relevant sections from 58 authors or collections are presented
in English translation
with very full annotation. Only the last nine authors lived in the period
covered by this Guide, and none
of these knew West Africa at first-hand. By their time, too, external Arabic
knowledge of West Africa
had deteriorated considerably from that achieved by the best authorities
of the 11th to 14th centuries.
This is probably the best of three similar works which have appeared in recent
years (see review
article by Humphrey J. FISHER in JAH, 23, 4 (1982) 549-60); the other two
appear as the next two items
in the Guide.
c.800-c.1600                                              COLLECTION: CUOQ,
Fr            Joseph
Recueil des sources arabes concernant I 'Afrique occidentale du Viiie au
siecle, Paris, 1975.
See comment under 800 COLLECTION: HOPKINS & LEVTZION. The sources are
presented in
French translation. Cuoq's work is reviewed by Humphrey J. FISHER in JAH,
19, 4 (1978) 617-19.
c.800-1299                         COLLECTION: KOUBBEL, L.E. , & MATEEV,
Istochniki po etnografii i istorii Afriki yuzhnee Sakhary: Arabskie
Istochniki.    3 vols, Moscow & Leningrad, 1960, 1965, 1985.
See comment under 800 COLLECTION: HOPKINS & LEVTZION. It should be noted
that the
geographical scope of this collection is wider than that of the other two,
and also that it is the only one
that prints its texts in the original Arabic as well as in translation (in
this case into Russian).
1342   onwards                                       COLLECTION: BRASIO,
Fr Ant6nio
Monumenta Missionaria Africana: Africa Ocidental. Lisbon, 1952 onwards.
This is a collection of fundamental importance. Although Brisio's prime concern
is with Catholic
missionary activity, his material is also informative about a wide range
of other matters.
The volumes are in two series. Series I is concerned with the old diocese
of S. Tome, that is with
the lands from Mina to the Cape of Good Hope. Series 2 deals with the old
diocese of Santiago, i.e.
[ con t.


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