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Fage, J. D. 1921- (John Donnelly) / A guide to original sources for precolonial western Africa published in European languages: for the most part in book form

Notes on the entries [includes abbreviations used],   pp. xxi-xxiv

Page xxi

ORDER OF ENTRIES. This is first chronological, according to the date at the
top left-hand corner of an entry, and then alphabetical, following the name
or headword in the top right-hand corner, except that collections of
documents or of voyages come after individually named entries.
DATES AT TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER. These are normally those when the person or
persons responsible for the creation of the source were active, e.g.
1455-62 represents the period when CA'DAMOSTO was voyaging to and trading
on the West African coasts. However, a date in parentheses, e.g. (1494)
for MUNZER, is the date when a source was first published.
detail or information sufficient to facilitate identification in the
catalogue of a large library. In the first edition, there were technical
reasons why - except in the indexes - accents and diacriticals were not
provided for names printed in CAPITALS (and here the German Unlaut was
replaced by an 'E' after the vowel to be modified). These technical
reasons do not apply to the present printing, but it is possible that
previously missing accents and diacriticals may not always be found outside
the indexes.
NAMES OF AUTHORS, COMPILERS, EDITORS etc.       If the person named in the
right-hand corner is the author of the account, or the compiler or editor
of the collection of voyages or documents which is the subject of the
entry. his or her name is not repeated before the title of the work. If an
individual account has been published via the medium of an editor, that
editor's name will be attached to the title in the form which seems most
appropriate to the particular form of publication. For example (under 1639
CADORNEGA) Histdria geral das guerras angolanas, ed. Jost Matias
DELGADO...; or (under 1663 FARO) Luis SILVEIRA, Peregrina9Ao de Andre de
TITLES OF BOOKS AND ARTICLES. If more than one line in length, these may
been abbreviated (with ... indicating lacunae), but usually not so as to
exclude mention of the parts of Africa visited or described or of other
significant detail.
PLACE AND DATE OF FIRST PUBIICATION follow immediately after the title,
followed in their turn by indications of subsequent printings or editions;
these indications tend to be more complete for the earlier and rarer books
but they rarely approach a complete bibliographical apparatus. Where
known, the existence of a modern facsimile is indicated by 'facs.' followed
by a date (and by the place of publication if it is different from that of
the original publication).



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