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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 19. About the richness of this land. [translated text],   pp. 44-46 and 47 ff.

Page 44

QwptD 19
at    th  riches. of am la
1,*      This land has suc abundance of everything that nothing is lacking
in it. It is wrich     d with umw  kiwi of jtrovims, and it is roa;ti
freshened byr *un strame of water, by orauge-trees, citron-ts
Iem -teA                and xwl  palmmtre.e*  It possesses much wxcllet
timber and in such quantitie  that nw boats of an   knd desired omuld be
made in it*, Once settled, it would coe to have greater trade thn Bazil.,
since in Brarzil there is only sugar, timber and cotton; in tis land
there is cotton, and the timber that there is in Brazsl (i.e. Hra-il-wood),
also ivory, wax, gold, ambergris, and spice. It would be possible to
build maw sugar-mills: iron and plentiful timber are available to build
the mills, and there are slaves to work them. Great profit for His
faJesty's Treasury would result from a settlement here, sine the ships
,which voGe to ITdia could winter in the River Mitowbo to refit and from
heb could pursue their voyages again without returning to the KIngo
(of Portugal)*
2r.   :  It is not possible to list all the benefits that would swmmtuany
resut from a settlement. I reober baving heard very old :m    who lived
with their wives and children on Santiago Island, here I vas bem, often
say that they would moye to no other place, unless His MaJesty dorded
-Sfra Lefa to be settled; thero they would very willingly go, and weld
give up all they had in the island. Today, when the Island is exauted
.,by 0th  M   troubles it has       c    it would be  eilw if Ms
were to ord   ti    err   e   to be se4ttlod, so that   Me
sitismis of the island could al leave it and go ovr to d     #Wa. I
rem     that some years agos it my here been tnlve or *Aat"m      I
chosen by the people in the Isl3and to approach ais *140..t withk wqadto
the sof the Sea mad tiwi Uaasference to it* D_~                Osaw,
d'Arade being goverr of the island, I semetly               di
-~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.                          4 4 '
;  .: 0 a f; -  :.! :t g  4,  E t, ter


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