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Almada, André Alvares d', fl. 1594, et al. / Brief treatise on the rivers of Guinea
Part I (1984)

Chapter 9. Which discusses the Kingdom of the Buramos, and their trade and customs. [translated text],   pp. 76-[95]

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Chapter 9
Which discusses the Kingdom of the Burirmos, and their trade and customs.
1.       Inland from Cape Roxo, which stands in 120, and stretching towards
the South, are the Falupos - whom we have already discussed - who
continue until they meet the Buranos on the North and South banks of
the river called the Sio Domingos River. This neighbouring Kingdom of
the Buramos is very large.  The first of its settlements with which we
have commine-rcial relations is called Cacheu. It is situated beside the
river, kno-wn there as the Rio de Farim, some eight leagues from the bar.
The houses of this town, (built) of clay and wattle like those of
Casamansa, are round and covered with thatch.  (They stand) in large
enclosures, with many. dwcll.1ngs in each, (the number) depending on the
wealth of the individual bl~^^k who builds them. The clay is made of *
white earth as bright as lira, and the houses are all roofed with leaves
from the sibe tree, the leaves with which they make the baskets one sees
2.      FPormerly our people lived with the blacks in the same town, relying
on the good word and the riotection of their hosts. But they used to be
greatly ill-treated by them, as well as by others of the same nation who
cam from the interior. There were many deaths, and each day serious
robberies were committed.  (To put an end to this,) for the last five
years or so our people have been in a town separate from that of the
blacks, so well fortified that if they wished they could do much
danage to the blacks.  It stands beside the river, between the river and
the town of the blacks. And here, without help from His Majesty, they
have built a strong-point and fortified it ;with some guns they managed
to obtain for this purpose, and with these they can prevent the English
and French from entering the river to seize ahips as they did treviously.
The organizer of the scheme to build this fort and establish a town for
- our people was one Manuel Lopes Cardoso, an inhabitant of Santiago Island,


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