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Title:  A celebration of pop-up and movable books: commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Movable Book Society
Other Title:  A celebrat10n of pop-up and movable books
Creator:  Movable Book Society
Editor:  DuLong, Jessica
Writers:  Baron, Andrew; Boehm, Alan; Montanaro, Ann R.; Rubin, Ellen G.K.; Sabuda, Robert; Ziegler, Roy
Paper Engineering:  Baron, Andrew; Olmon, Kyle; Ida, Sam; Reinhart, Matthew; Sabuda, Robert
Graphic Designers:  Kalaw, Anthony; Peña, Adie; Wilwayco, Edwin
Date:  2004
Publisher:  [New Brunswick, New Jersey]: Movable Book Society: Distributed by
Description:  No colophon.
Unsigned. Unnumbered.
"Special limited edition"
"Explore more than 700 years of movable book history - from Paris to Penick!"
Documents the history of moveable bookmaking by providing an autobiographical article about prominent artists and publishers in the field and reproduces an example each of their pop-up and/or movable creations. Techniques include: turn-ups, dissolving pictures, pull-tabs, stand-ups, panoramas, revolving pictures, rivets, intersecting wheels, peepshows, pop-ups, volvelles and paper engineering. Artists/publishers include: Matthew Paris (1200-1259), Robert Sayer (1725-1794), Dean and Son, Lothar Meggendorfer, Ernest Nister (1842-1909), S. Louis Giraud (1879-1950), Lentz, Harold B., Julian Wehr (1989-1970), Geraldine Clyne (1899-1979), Vojtech Kubasta (1914-1992), IB Penick (1931-1998).
Subjects:  Artists' books / Movable Book Society / DuLong, Jessica / Baron, Andrew / Boehm, Alan / Montanaro, Ann R. / Rubin, Ellen G.K. / Sabuda, Robert / Ziegler, Roy / Baron, Andrew / Olmon, Kyle / Ida, Sam / Reinhart, Matthew / Kalaw, Anthony / Peña, Adie / Wilwayco, Edwin / Toy and movable books / Pop-up and movable books / Volvelle / Paris, Matthew / Sayer, Robert / Dean and Son / Lothar Meggendorfer / Nister, Ernest / Giraud, S. Louis / Lentz, Harold B. / Wehr, Julian / Clyne, Geraldine / Kubasta, Vojtech / Penick, I.B.
Language:  English
Type:  PhysicalObject
Format:  1 v. (unpaged): col. ill.; 27 x 21 x 4 cm in case (28 x 23 x 5 cm)
Call Number:  Z1033 T68 C45 2004
Is Part Of:  Artists' Book Collection
Terms:  All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form
Ownership:  ©2004.
Submitter:  University of Wisconsin--Madison. Libraries. Kohler Art Library
Local Identifier:  ArtistsBks.ab0700.bib

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