Title:  Map of Black River lumber industry
Creator:  [Woods, Walter S.], 1869-1946
Date:  ca. 1920
LCSH Subjects:  Lumbering--Wisconsin--La Crosse--Maps / Lumbering--Wisconsin--Onalaska--Maps / Lumbering--Wisconsin--West La Crosse--Maps / Sawmills--Wisconsin--North La Crosse--Maps / Sawmills--Wisconsin--West La Crosse--Maps / Sawmills--Wisconsin--Onalaska--Maps / Lumbering--Black River--Maps / Sawmills--Black River--Maps
Place:  Wisconsin--La Crosse / La Crosse County (Wisconsin) / Black River (Wis.)
Time:  1850-1910 / 19th Century / Pre dam (1930)
Rights:  This image cannot be copied or reproduced for commercial use without the written permission of the La Crosse Public Library
Title:  Map showing the location of sawmills at Onalaska, North La Crosse and La Crosse, Wisconsin,1850-1910
Date:  1920
LCSH Subjects:  Wisconsin--La Crosse--Maps / Wisconsin--Onalaska--Maps / Black River (Taylor County-La Crosse County, Wis.)--Maps / Mississippi River--Maps / Sawmills--Wisconsin--La Crosse--Maps / Sawmills--Wisconsin--Onalaska--Maps
Place:  Wisconsin--La Crosse / Wisconsin--Onalaska / La Crosse County (Wisconsin) / Black River / Mississippi River
Time:  1850s / 1860s / 1870s / 1880s / 1890s / 1900s / 19th century / 20th century / Pre dam (1930)
Rights:  This image cannot be copied or reproduced without the permission of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Murphy Library, Special Collections

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