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(suffrage icon)1921

From the office of the Secretary of State we have obtained a copy of this bill, which reads as follows:

     A BILL to extend the elective franchise to femes covert and femes Sole in certain Cases.

     The people of the State of Wisconsin represented in Senate and Assembly do enact as follows:


     Every Feme Sole of the age of twenty-one years or upwards who is seized of estate real of the value of two hundred dollars and every feme Covert (whose husband is absent from the state and who has been for two years next preceding any general election) shall be deemed qualified electors to vote at any annual or special school meeting held in this state after the approval of this act as provided in the following section.


     At the next general election in the year 1858 the electors of this state shall signify their approval or disapproval of the provisions of the foregoing section in the following manner: All voters who approve of the privileges given in the foregoing section shall deposit in the ballot box prepared to receive votes for members of Congress. A ballot with the following words written or printed thereon (to net) "for womens voting" those voters who disapprove of said section one and are opposed to womans voting as provided in said section shall deposit in said box a ballot with the following words written or printed thereon (to net) "against womans voting." And if a majority of votes cast at said election upon this question are for womans voting then and in that case woman married and unmarried shall be deemed qualified electors under the provisions of Section one of this act.


     This act shall be in force and take effect from and after its passage to authorize a vote as required by Sec. 1. Article 3 of the Constitution and if approved by the electors of this state at the general election of 1856 shall take effect and be in force on the first day of January 1857 and thereafter womans shall be deemed electors qualified to vote at annual and special school district meetings.