Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, April 20, 1864

Company D., 21st Infantry.

Identification (by Mrs. J. Henry Otto of Appleton, Wisconsin); Top row (left to right): John Buboltz, Spencer Orlup, J. Henry Otto, Lyman C. Wait, Andrew Jackson, William W. Wood, Joseph D. Holden, Charles Lymer, and Sylvester Greeley; Second row, seated: Charles Buck, Miles Hoskins, George Ranson, Nelson B. Draper, Miles H. Fenno, Lewis H. Sykes, and James P. Walker; End of 2nd row, standing: John Dey; Front row: Harold Galpin, Jacob W. Rexford, August Pierre Lee, Maurice F. Grunert, Ephraim Walker, and Charles Buckholz.

Image of Company D., 21st Infantry
From the copy owned by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Visual Archives: Album 13.59