Cumberland, Wis., 1897.

The Milwaukee Journal wrote about these county fair speeches, "Whatever purpose he may have had. . .his vigorous oratory cannot have failed to have left an impression on his hearers. . .Mr. La Follette is sometimes sarcastic. His words bite like coals of fire; nut his face and gestures are unique. . .into the most commonpalce of his word paintings he throws the energy of a man apparently fully impressed with the whole force and truth of his statements. He never wearies and he will not allow his audience to weary. . .Perhaps this concentration of every power in the man to impress his hearers is a stage trick, but it is well played and beyond detection. It is real and full of life and vitality." Cf. Milwaukee Journal, Oct. 2, 1897.

Image of La Follette Speaking
From the copy owned by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Visual Archives: Album 25.43