The following was related to me by Mr. Herlache after the taped interview was completed. Sugar Creek was once a part of their property. When they sold it to the county, it was suggested that the name become "Herlache Park." The Herlaches refused, feeling that they didn't want the recognition; besides, it had been known as Sugar Creek for so long it would be a shame to change it. The story of how the Creek originally got its name was told to Mr. Herlache by his grandfather. Flat beds used to come a ways into the creek, and there was one time when a load of sugar was accidentally dumped there, giving the creek its name. Colts were once raised on the farm. Sugar beets were raised for 3-4 years, but depleted the soil too quickly. Mr. Herlache told of hauling other products into Green Bay and stopping one day at the beet factory. The owner proposed to him that he try raising beets, but a very wet year in which the beets could not be taken out of the soil discouraged Mr. Herlache from continuing with the crop.

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