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UWDCC Citation Database

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About the UWDCC Citation Database

About UWDCC Citation DatabaseThe UWDC Citation Database is a collection of basic bibliographic records that act as pointers to digital content in our collections. The collection is not meant to be searched but rather to help searches of our collections as a whole.

Technical Note

Please note that full-text searching for the electronic-facsimile texts in our collections is based on uncorrected OCR (Optical Character Recognition) results. While such text is often highly accurate, it will contain errors that may affect your search results. In particular, texts with the following characteristics are particularly prone to error (in some cases, accuracy for such texts is so low that we have decided not to attempt to provide full-text searching):

  • Hand-written texts;
  • Texts that contain diacritics;
  • Texts that contain non-Latin scripts;
  • Texts that contain obsolete characters (including the "long S" [looks like an "f"]);
  • Texts that are printed in a font in which the letters are difficult for the software to differentiate.

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