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Alt-Wien : Bilder u. Geschichten. Märzroth, Dr ([1885])
Bahár-i-dánish, or, Garden of knowledge : an oriental romance. ʻInāyat Allāh, -approximately 1671 (1870)
Dark Africa and the way out, or, A scheme for civilizing and evangelizing the Dark Continent. Hughes, W., Rev (1892)
Direction of using medicines in various medical establishments. Vietnam. Bộ y tế (February 25th, 1981)
Improvement and drainage of the Metropolis : suggestions for a new street through the City of London, from Waterloo Bridge to the Commercial Road, with a leading aqueduct sewer, from the extreme west of the Metropolis to the Thames at Barking Creek : to which are added remarks on the metropolitan bridges : with a map and section. Beardmore, Nathaniel, 1816-1872 (1850)
La minorité bulgare dans la Dobroudja du Sud. Penakov, Ivan, 1883- (1931)
Paths of progress : some discussion on the aims of modern liberalism. Trevelyan, Charles Philips, Sir, 1870-1958 (1898)
Request of long time assistance from Sida for activities for the protection of mothers and child / family's planning (birth control). Vietnam. Bộ y tế. MCH/FP Department ([Oct. 9, 1983])
En resa i Finland : första serien. Topelius, Zacharias, 1818-1898; Becker, Adolf von, 1831- (1873)
Si nous voulons la paix dans les Balkans. Begouen, Henri, comte, 1863-1956, ([1920])
Syndicalism : its basis, methods, and ultimate aim : compiled by Norman Young from a lecture delivered by Guy Bowman on April 6th, 1913, at the Co-operative Hall, Little Newport Street, W. Bowman, Guy ([1913?])
U glibu mržnje. Čekić, Milutin, 1882-1964 (1921)
Vom Denken und Erkennen : eine Einführung in das Studium der Philosophie. Switalski, Wladislaus, 1875- ([1914?] )

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Beardmore, Nathaniel, 1816-1872
Becker, Adolf von, 1831-
Begouen, Henri, comte, 1863-1956,
Bowman, Guy
Čekić, Milutin, 1882-1964
Hughes, W., Rev
Märzroth, Dr
Penakov, Ivan, 1883-
Switalski, Wladislaus, 1875-
Topelius, Zacharias, 1818-1898
Trevelyan, Charles Philips, Sir, 1870-1958
Vietnam. Bộ y tế
Vietnam. Bộ y tế. MCH/FP Department
ʻInāyat Allāh, -approximately 1671

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