Lithograph of Þingvellir in 1836, larger version.

Þingvellir in 1836. "General view of Almanna Gorge, taken from the church at Þingvellir" (original 1842 caption). Members of the Gaimard expedition are seen riding across Axe River. When he made the sketch for this lithograph on 21 June, the artist Auguste Mayer was standing a little north of the present-day church and looking northwest toward Almanna Gorge.

"Snorri's old site"; (Snorrabúð) and the Law Rock (Lögberg) are across the river on the slope (to the left). Above them soars Eagle Bluff (Arnarklettur); on the distant horizon is the mountain Botnsúlur; to the right are the roots of the mountain Ármannsfell. Axe River Falls, not visible in the picture, is located about a kilometer north of where Mayer was standing.

Source: VIG, Atlas historique, Plate 34.

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