Changes made since November 16, 1997

This is a record of all substantive changes (additions, corrections, etc.) made to this site since its initial implementation on November 16, 1997. Minor corrections (such as for typographical errors) have been made silently. In June 1999 the site was frozen and designated Edition 1.


DateSection modifiedType of change

October 18, 2011 Upgraded markup to XHTML 1.1.
Converted audio files to MP3.
Abt.TchEdited Technical Background section to reflect changes.

September 14, 2011 Updated character encoding to Unicode/UTF-8.

December 2, 2009 Alh.fig3a.p2, Alh.fig4a.p2Fixed title in citation.

February 3, 2003 Led.Eng.st2Fixed omission in text ('me').

March 18, 2002 Ald.fig1a
Changed references to R. G. Collingwood to W. G. Collingwood.

September 7, 2001 Tmh.fig1aEdited caption to figure of Tómas Sæmundsson's monument.

January 22, 2001 BibliographyReplaced photo of University of Iceland, Main Building.
Bio.fig24aReplaced illustration of Sorø Sø with lithograph.
Asm.fig0Added illustration to "After the Ball".

October 27, 1999 Abt.Int.p2deleted publication reference
Abt.fn1, Abt.fn2notes edited and switched

June 1, 1999 site extensively re-edited
CSS formatting expanded

May 1, 1998 numbering added to all sections
Abt.Ack.p9added paragraph
Biographyextensively edited text
Prosodyextensively edited text
Edl.comm.p1edited text
Grs.fn1.p1edited text
Grs.fn8.p1added text
Grs.fn13.p1added footnote
Grs.comm.p9added paragraph
Grs.comm.p14edited text
Alh.Eng.l3edited line
Alh.comm.p4added paragraph
Leidireordered chapter, edited translation, edited commentary, added footnotes
Ffl.Engedited translation
Gtl.fn1.p1added text
Gmb.fn3.p1added text
Dlv.comm.p15added paragraph
Hls.commcommentary extensively re-edited
Hls.bib.p1added bibliography section
Hls.fn6removed footnote
Olv.fig1aadded text, quote to full caption
Olv.comm.p8edited text
Olv.fn2added footnote
Afl.comm.p3edited text
Afl.fn6added footnote
Bib.IJRadded bibliographic reference
Bib.NABadded bibliographic reference

March 18, 1998 Abt.Ack.p9added paragraph
Bio.fig10replaced images with clearer copies
Bio.fig17replaced image, caption
Bio.fig24replaced image; edited caption
Bio.fig40-42added illustrations, captions
Bio.fig43added illustration, caption
Edl.fn1added footnote
Edl.comm.p1added text
Grs.fn1added text
Grs.fn8added text
Grs.fn13added footnote
Grs.comm.p9added paragraph
Hld.comm.p1acorrected dates
Tmh.comm.p2rewrote paragraph
Drj.fig1added illustration
Bib.NABadded bibliographic entry

December 9, 1997 Abt.Int.p2addition to text
Abt.Int.p7added change log
Abt.Int.p8added paragraph, book info. form
Abt.Int.l1corrections; reordered entries; added entry
Abt.Ack.p7correction in name
Bio.fn11.p1correction in citation
Bio.3.p6added illustration Bio.fig12.1
Bio.7.cit37correction in text
Bio.8.cit19correction in text
Bio.8.cit29correction in text
Bio.8.cit30correction in text
Isl.comm.p10added paragraph
Grs.comm.p15added text
Gnr.Isl.st11correction in text
Gnr.comm.p14added paragraph
Hrr.Eng.st5edited text
Hrr.Eng.st6edited text
Hls.comm.p9added paragraph
Hls.fn9.p1correction in text
Bsi.Eng.st1edited text
Olv.Eng.st2edited text
Olv.Eng.st3edited text
Afl.fn5.p1additions to citation
Tmh.Eng.st3edited text
Bib.Acorrection in text
Bib.IL.1added entry
Bib.IPSadded entry
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