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The craftsman. October 1901-December 1916 [183 vols.]
The journal of design and manufactures. 1849-1852 [6 vols.]
The new path. Society for the Advancement of Truth in Art (May 1863-Dec. 1865) [24 vols.]

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The American builder's companion; or, A new system of architecture: particularly adapted to the present style of building in the United States of America. Benjamin, Asher, 1773-1845 (1806)
The American drawing-book: a manual for the amateur, and basis of study for the professional artist: especially adapted to the use of public and private schools, as well as home instruction. Chapman, J.G. (John Gadsby), 1808-1889 (1870 [1873 printing])
American medical botany, being a collection of the native medicinal plants of the United States, containing their botanical history and chemical analysis, and properties and uses in medicine, diet and the arts, with coloured engravings. Bigelow, Jacob, 1786-1879 (1817-1820) [3 vols.]
American ornithology, or, The natural history of birds inhabiting the United States, not given by Wilson : with figures drawn, engraved, and coloured, from nature. Bonaparte, Charles Lucian, 1803-1857 (1825-1833) [4 vols.]
American ornithology; or The natural history of the birds of the United States. Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813 (1828-1829) [4 vols.]
The analysis of beauty : written with a view of fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste. Hogarth, William, 1697-1764 (1753)
Anweisung zum Zeichnen der menschlichen Gestalt besonders für Dilettanten brauchbar, welche sich eine practische Kenntniß der Zeichenkunst zu verschaffen wünschen. Ramberg, Johann Heinrich ([ca. 1825])
The Arabian antiquities of Spain. Murphy, James Cavanah, 1760-1814 (1815)
The Art journal illustrated catalogue: the industry of all nations, 1851. 1851
The beauties of flora : with botanic and poetic illustrations, being a selection of flowers drawn from nature arranged emblematically : with directions for colouring them. Gleadall, Eliza Eve (1834)
Birds of North America. Studer, Jacob Henry, 1840-1904 (1903)
The book of trades; or, Familiar descriptions of the most useful trades, manufactures, and arts practised in England : and the manner in which the workmen perform their various employments. undated, inscribed 1829
Bowles's florist : containing sixty plates of beautiful flowers, regularly disposed in their succession of blowing : to which is added an accurate description of their colours with instructions for drawing and painting them according to nature : being a new work intended for the use and amusement of gentlemen and ladies delighting in that art. Bowles, Carrington, 1724-1793 (1777)
The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's guide, or, Repository of designs for every article of household furniture, in the newest and most approved taste : displaying a great variety of patterns ... in the plainest and most enriched styles : with a scale to each, and an explanation in letter press : also, the plan of a room, shewing the proper distribution of the furniture ... / from drawings by A. Hepplewhite and Co. ... A. Hepplewhite and Co (1897)
The city and country builder's and workman's treasury of designs, or, The art of drawing and working the ornamental parts of architecture. Langley, Batty, 1696-1751 (1756)
A collection of the most approved examples of doorways : from ancient buildings in Greece and Italy, expressly measured and delineated for this work, preceded by an essay on the usages of the ancients respecting doorways; a new translation of the chapter of Vitruvius on the subject, with the original text taken from an ancient and valuable m.s. in the British museum; and copious descriptions of the plates. Donaldson, Thomas Leverton, 1795-1885 (1833)
The colonial furniture of New England. Lyon, Irving Whitall, 1840-1896 (1891)
The country gentleman's pocket compantion, and builder's assistant, for rural decorative architecture. Halfpenny, William and John (1756)
Craftsman homes. Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942 (1909)
The decoration of houses. Wharton, Edith (1862-1937); Codman Jr., Ogden (1863-1951) (1898)
Designs both serious and comic : engraved on 36 plates. Collett, John (1770?)
Designs for mission furniture. McHugh, Joseph P. (1904)
The designs of Inigo Jones, consisting of plans and elevations for public and private buildings. Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652 (1770) [2 vols.]
Desseins des edifices, meubles, habits, machines, et ustenciles des Chinois. Gravés sur les originaux dessinés à la Chine... Auxquels est ajoutée une description de leurs temples, de leurs maisons, de leurs jardins, &c. Chambers, William, Sir, 1726-1796 (1757)
Detail des nouveaux jardins a la mode. Le Rouge, George Louis (1777)
Les edifices antiques de Rome. Desgodets, Antoine Babuty, 1653-1728 (1682-1771) [2 vols.]
An embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham, emperor of China: delivered by their excellencies Peter de Goyer and Jacob de Keyzer, at his imperial city of Peking wherein the cities, towns, villages, ports, rivers, &c. in their passages from Canton to Peking are ingeniously described by John Nieuhoff; also an epistle of Father John Adams, their antagonist, concerning the whole negotiation; with an appendix of several remarks taken out of Father Athanasius Kircher; Englished and set forth with their several sculptures by John Ogilby. Nieuhof, Johannes, 1618-1672 (1673)
Examples of Chinese ornament selected from objects in the South Kensington Museum and other collections. Jones, Owen, 1809-1874 (1867)
Extinct birds. An attempt to unite in one volume a short account of those birds which have become extinct in historical times--that is, within the last six or seven hundred years. To which are added a few which still exist, but are on the verge of extinction. Rothschild, Lionel Walter Rothschild, baron, 1868-1937 (1907)
Fragments on the theory and practice of landscape gardening: including some remarks on Grecian and Gothic architecture, collected from various manuscripts, in the possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use they were originally written; the whole tending to establish fixed principles in the respective arts. Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818 (1816)
The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director: being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste. Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779) (1754)
The grammar of ornament. Jones, Owen, 1809-1874 (1910)
Groups of fruit : accurately drawn and coloured after nature ... ; Groups of flowers : drawn and accurately coloured after nature ... ; Six birds, accurately drawn and coloured after nature ... Brookshaw, George (1817) [3 vols.]
Hints on ornamental gardening : consisting of a series of designs for garden buildings, useful and decorative gates, fences, railroads, &c. : accompanied by observations on the principles and theory of rural improvement, interspersed with occasional remarks on rural architecture. Papworth, John Buonarotti, 1775-1847 (1823)
The house decorator and painter's guide; containing a series of designs for decorating apartments, suited to the various styles of architecture. Arrowsmith, Henry William (1840)
The house in good taste. De Wolfe, Elsie, 1865-1950 (1914)
The housekeeper's book, comprising advice on the conduct of household affairs in general; and particular directions for the preservation of furniture, bedding, &c.; for the laying in and preserving of provisions; with a complete collection of receipts for economical domestic cookery. The whole carefully prepared for the use of American housekeepers. 1837
The illustrated catalogue of the Universal exhibition, published with the Art journal. 1867-1868
Illustrations of the family of Psittacidae, or parrots: the greater part of them species hitherto unfigured, containing forty-two lithographic plates, drawn from life, and on stone. Lear, Edward, 1812-1888 (1832)
Le Japon artistique; documents d'art et d'industrie. Bing, Siegfried, 1838-1905 ([1888-1891] ) [6 vols.]
The laboratory; or, School of arts: containing a large collection of valuable secrets, experiments, and manual operations in arts and manufactures, highly useful to gilders, jewellers, enamellers, goldsmiths, dyers, cutlers, pewterers, joiners, japanners, book-binders, plasterers, artists, and to the workers in metals in general; and in plaster of paris, wood, ivory, bone, horn, and other materials. Smith, G (1799) [2 vols.]
Later renaissance architecture in England; a series of examples of the domestic buildings erected subsequent to the Elizabethan period, ed., with introductory and descriptive text, by John Belcher, A.R.A., and Mervyn E. Macartney. Belcher, John, d. 1913, ed (1901) [2 vols.]
The Longridge collection of English slipware and delftware. Grigsby, Leslie B. (Leslie Brown) (2000) [2 vols.]
The Masterpieces of the Centennial International Exhibition illustrated. [1876-78] [3 vols.]
The mirror of the graces; or, the English lady's costume: combining and harmonizing taste and judgment, elegance and grace, modesty, simplicity and economy, with fashion in dress; and adapting the various articles of female embellishments to different ages, forms, and complexions; to the seasons of the year, rank, and situation in life: with useful advice on female accomplishments, politeness, and manners; the cultivation of the mind and the disposition and carriage of the body: offering also the most efficacious means of preserving beauty, health, and loveliness. The whole according with the general principles of nature and rules of propriety. 1811
The most notable antiquity of Great Britain, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Salisbury Plain, restored, by Inigo Jones ... To which are added, the Chorea gigantum, or Stone-Heng restored to the Danes, by Doctor Charleton; and Mr. Webb’s Vindication of Stone-Heng restored, in answer to Dr. Charleton’s reflections; with observations upon the orders and rules of architecture in use among the ancient Romans. Before the whole are prefixed, certain memoirs relating to the life of Inigo Jones; with his effigies, engrav’d by Hollar; as also Dr. Charleton’s, by P. Lombart; and four new views of Stone-Heng, in its present situation: with above twenty other copper-plates, and a compleat index to the entire collection. Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652; Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707; Webb, John, 1611-1672 (1725)
A natural history of birds. Most of which have not been figur'd or describ'd, and others very little known from obscure or too brief descriptions without figures, or from figures very ill design'd. Edwards, George, 1694-1773 (1743-1764) [7 vols.]
The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands: containing the figures of birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, insects and plants. Catesby, Mark, 1683-1749 (1754) [2 vols.]
A new treatise on flower painting, or, Every lady her own drawing master: containing familiar and easy instructions for acquiring a perfect knowledge of drawing flowers with accuracy and taste: Also complete directions for producing the various tints. Brookshaw, George (1818)
Observations on the theory and practice of landscape gardening: including some remarks on Grecian and Gothic architecture, collected from various manuscripts, in the possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use they were originally written; the whole tending to establish fixed principles in the respective arts. Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818 (1803)
One hundred and fifty new designs. Johnson, Thos. (Thomas), 1714? - ca. 1778 (1761)
Pain's British Palladio, or, The builder's general assistant. Pain, William (1730?-1790?) (1788)
Plans des plus beaux jardins pittoresques de France, d'Angleterre et d'Allemagne ... Plans of the most beautiful picturesque gardens in France, England and Germany ... Plæne der schoensten und malerischten gærten, Franckreichs, Englands und Deutschlands ... Krafft, J. Ch. 1764-1833. (Jean Charles) (1809)
Plans, elevations and sections, of hot-houses, green-houses, an aquarium, conservatories, &c., recently built in different parts of England, for various noblemen and gentlemen : including a hot-house and green-house in Her Late Majesty's gardens at Frogmore. Tod, George (1823)
The practical house carpenter, or, Youth's instructor containing a great variety of useful designs in carpentry and architecture; the five orders laid down by an entire new scale. Pain, William (1730?-1790?) (1792)
Recueil d'antiquites Egyptiennes, Etrusques, Grecques, et Romaines. Caylus, Anne Claude Philippe, 1692-1765 (1761-1767) [7 vols.]
Recueil d'architecture civile : contenant les plans, coupes et élévations des châteaux, maisons de campagne, et habitations rurales, jardins anglais, temples, chaumières, kiosques, ponts, etc., situés, aux environs de Paris et dans les departemens voisins, avec les decorations interieures, et le detail de ce qui concerne l'embellissement des jardins ; ouvrage composé de 121 planches grand in-folio, accompagné d'un texte explicatif. Krafft, J. Ch. 1764-1833. (Jean Charles) (1812)
Recueil de décorations intérieures comprenant tout ce qui a rapport a l'ameublement, comme vases, trépieds, candelabres, cassolettes, lustres, girandoles, lampes, chandeliers, cheminées, feux, poêles, pendules, tables, secrétaires, lits, canapés, fauteuils, chaises, tabourets, miroirs, ecrans, &c., &c., &c. composés par C. Percier et P.F.L. Fontaine. Exécutés sur leurs dessins. Percier, Charles, 1764-1838.; Fontaine, Pierre François Léonard, 1762-1853 (1801) [3 vols.]
A Representation of the manufacturing of earthenware : with twenty-one highly finished copperplate engravings, and a short explanation of each, shewing the whole process of the pottery. 1827
Ruins of the palace of the Emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia. Adam, Robert, 1728-1792 (1764)
Rural architecture in the gothick taste : being twenty new designs, for temples, garden-seats, summer-houses, lodges, terminies, piers, &c. on sixteen copper plates. With instructions to workmen, and hints where with most advantage to be erected. Halfpenny, William and John (1752)
A select collection of one hundred plates: consisting of the most beautiful, exotic and British flowers which blow in our English gardens: accurately drawn and coloured from nature, with their botanic characters, and a short account of their cultivation, their uses in medicine, with the Latin and English names. Edwards, John, b. 1742 (1775)
Sketches and hints on landscape gardening : collected from designs and observations now in the possession of the different noblemen and gentlemen, for whose use they were originally made : the whole tending to establish fixed principles in the art of laying out ground. Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818 ([1794])
Sketches for country houses, villas, and rural dwellings; calculated for persons of moderate income, and for comfortable retirement. Plaw, John, 1744 or 5-1820 (1800)
Sloan's homestead architecture, containing forty designs for villas, cottages, and farm houses, with essays on style, construction, landscape gardening, furniture, etc. etc. Sloan, Samuel, 1815-1884 (1861)
Styles of ornament: exhibited in designs, and arranged in historical order, with descriptive text. Speltz, Alexander ([1906])
Temple of Flora, or, Garden of the botanist, poet, painter, and philosopher. Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837) (1812)
Useful architecture / being the last work in this kind of William Halfpenny, architect and carpenter, in twenty-five new designs, with full and clear instructions, in every particular, for erecting parsonage-houses, farm-houses, and inns, with their respective offices, &c. of various dimensions. . . Halfpenny, William, d. 1755 (1760)
Valuable secrets concerning arts and trades : or, Approved directions from the best artists : for the various methods of engraving on brass, copper, or steel, of the composition of metals and varnishes, of mastichs and cements, sealing-wax, &c. : Of colours and painting, for carriage painters : Of painting on paper : Of compositions from limners : Of transparent colours : How to dye skins or gloves : To colour or varnish copper-plate prints : Of painting on glass : Of colours of all sorts, for oil, water, and crayons : Of the art of gilding : The art of dying woods, bones, &c. : The art of moulding : The art of making wines : Of the various compostions of vinegars : Of liquors and essential oils : Of the confectionary art : Of taking out all sorts of spots and stains. 1795
With hammer in hand; the Dominy craftsmen of East Hampton, New York. Hummel, Charles F. (1968)
The works in architecture of Robert and James Adam, Esquires. Adam, Robert, 1728-1792 (1900-1902) [3 vols.]

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A. Hepplewhite and Co
Adam, Robert, 1728-1792 [4 vols.]
Arrowsmith, Henry William
Benjamin, Asher, 1773-1845
Bigelow, Jacob, 1786-1879 [3 vols.]
Bing, Siegfried, 1838-1905 [6 vols.]
Bonaparte, Charles Lucian, 1803-1857 [4 vols.]
Bowles, Carrington, 1724-1793
Brookshaw, George [4 vols.]
Catesby, Mark, 1683-1749 [2 vols.]
Caylus, Anne Claude Philippe, 1692-1765 [7 vols.]
Chambers, William, Sir, 1726-1796
Chapman, J.G. (John Gadsby), 1808-1889
Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707
Chippendale, Thomas (1718-1779)
Codman Jr., Ogden (1863-1951)
Collett, John
De Wolfe, Elsie, 1865-1950
Desgodets, Antoine Babuty, 1653-1728 [2 vols.]
Donaldson, Thomas Leverton, 1795-1885
Edwards, George, 1694-1773 [7 vols.]
Edwards, John, b. 1742
Fontaine, Pierre François Léonard, 1762-1853 [3 vols.]
Gleadall, Eliza Eve
Grigsby, Leslie B. (Leslie Brown) [2 vols.]
Halfpenny, William and John [2 vols.]
Halfpenny, William, d. 1755
Hogarth, William, 1697-1764
Hummel, Charles F.
Johnson, Thos. (Thomas), 1714? - ca. 1778
Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652 [3 vols.]
Jones, Owen, 1809-1874 [2 vols.]
Krafft, J. Ch. 1764-1833. (Jean Charles) [2 vols.]
Langley, Batty, 1696-1751
Le Rouge, George Louis
Lear, Edward, 1812-1888
Lyon, Irving Whitall, 1840-1896
McHugh, Joseph P.
Murphy, James Cavanah, 1760-1814
Nieuhof, Johannes, 1618-1672
Pain, William (1730?-1790?) [2 vols.]
Papworth, John Buonarotti, 1775-1847
Percier, Charles, 1764-1838 [3 vols.]
Plaw, John, 1744 or 5-1820
Ramberg, Johann Heinrich
Repton, Humphry, 1752-1818 [3 vols.]
Rothschild, Lionel Walter Rothschild, baron, 1868-1937
Sloan, Samuel, 1815-1884
Smith, G. [2 vols.]
Speltz, Alexander
Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942
Studer, Jacob Henry, 1840-1904
Thornton, Robert John (1768?-1837)
Tod, George
Webb, John, 1611-1672
Wharton, Edith (1862-1937)
Wilson, Alexander, 1766-1813 [4 vols.]

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